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About Us

Originating in 2010, Asset Inspect is wholly owned and operated by the Squires family.

The company is proud to represent the interests of a wide range of local & international niche and general insurance companies, Lloyds and other underwriting syndicates, self-insured organisations, equity managers, and insurance brokers. 

Our business has enjoyed continuous growth and success because we have understood the need to adhere to our clients' requirements whilst being able to improve underwriter's loss ratios.  Our value is not in the information we collect from site, it is the ability to identify issues which may give rise to a claim and to recommend improvements to reduce risk. 

We aim to exceed our role as Insurance Surveyors and become truly valuable business partners, able to offer superb levels of service to policy holders, whilst enhancing the success of our clients.

We have a unique team of talented mature people including former Chief Surveyors, Licensed Building Consultants, and Dangerous Goods Consultants.  Our team are highly experienced with each holding between 20 and 50 years industry experience.